Stop Fighting About Who’s Taking Out the Trash

Let Holy Hands Cleaning Service in Honolulu, HI do it instead

When you get home from a long day at work, the last thing you want to worry about is vacuuming your carpet. Holy Hands Cleaning Service offers home cleaning services in Honolulu, HI on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

We’ll visit your home and work with you to develop a schedule and free estimate. Let us handle your residential cleaning so you can throw out that chore wheel for good.

Our general cleaning service includes:

Bathroom cleaning
Kitchen cleaning
Trash removal
Bed making
Leather cleaning

Schedule your cleaning services with us to have your home scrubbed on a regular basis.

Discover the glorious clean of a Rainbow vacuum

Our professionals pride themselves in making your home spotless, and the Rainbow vacuum is a key component of our cleaning arsenal.

Rainbow vacuums use a water filtration system to trap pollutants from the air and floors. Other vacuums that use bags or filters, which are porous materials, allow dust to fly back into the air. All of the dirt and dust sucked up with the Rainbow is trapped in the water basin, which we dump outside when we’re done. The whole system includes a vacuum, mop, mini jet for stairs and furniture plus shampoo for carpet!

Let us use the Rainbow to remove dirt, dust and allergens from your home. We can even use it on your mattresses for $25 each!

the Rainbow Vacuum makes a difference!